To unite motorcycle enthusiasts in riding, camping, recreation, education, and promoting a positive image of motorcycling.

Second Sunday Breakfast Ride

NorCal meets for breakfast at 8 AM in different restaurants around the Bay Area on the Second Sunday or Saturday each month.  After breakfast we depart for ride, which normally finishes around 1:00 PM. Come  join us for a ride

Whether you're the proud new owner of your very first BMW motorcycle, new to Northern California, or just ready for the best, the BMW Club of Northern California is for you. We're a group of BMW motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages who enjoy riding, touring, camping, and having a good time with other BMW motorcycle riders. 

Monthly Tours and Camp Outs

NorCal provides members with opportunities to ride and experience the Northern California region off the beaten track.  We hold meetings on the last full weekend of each month (except December and May) at different campgrounds in the Northern California region.  

Tours start with breakfast at 8 AM on a Saturday, and include an overnight trip.  Some members take the Club's group tour to the meeting on Saturday, while others ride to the meeting individually or in small groups.

The formal Club meeting is held late Saturday afternoon, and lasts about an hour. At the meeting we conduct a bit of business and share information about upcoming Club events.

Following the meeting, some members go out to dinner while others cook in camp. We sometimes have a catered meal. A campfire or two usually follow; where tire kicking and story telling really begin in earnest.


Any person 18 years of age or older who is a legally registered owner of any BMW motorcycle and who attends two previously announced General Members Meeting in any six-month period as a rider or passenger on a BMW motorcycle shall be eligible for membership. The prospective member shall make application for such membership during attendance at such meeting by stating his or her desire to become a member.  Membership is not required to participate in our events.

You may also become a member by attending the 49er Rally. Contact us for more information. Details are also stated in our club by-laws.

Other Benefits of Club Membership

NorCal holds Tech sessions and seminars throughout the year. We also have a an annual Club Holiday in December. During the course of the year many Club members travel together to rallies and other motorcycling events. All members receive the Club's monthly electronic newsletter which contains announcements of upcoming Club activities and other motorcycling events, classified ads, and articles of interest to BMW owners. Members also receive a membership directory, name tag, Club patches and decals and membership anniversary pins in 5-year increments.

Club History

The BMW Club of Northern California was founded in 1965, holds Charter Number 9 from the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMWMOA), and Charter Number 06083 from the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). We are a group of BMW motorcycle owners who ride, tour, and camp together and enjoy the fun and camaraderie that result from those activities.

The Club currently has over 200 members, some are novices, some are highly experienced, and most are somewhere in-between. We ride everything from vintage BMW's to sidecar rigs to K-1200s. Some enjoy sport touring, some travel with everything but the kitchen sink, some seek out dirt roads, and some consider a budget hotel roughing it.