Need Coffee?

Who doesn't like a cup of hot coffee after a night out under the stars?  Instant, percolated, brewed, or however you like it; having coffee is the best part of waking up.  

Ted's solution to coffee in the morning is compact and functional, plus it helps protect the burner.  Stove top espresso makers can be found in most department stores for less that $20.

 Compact, functional, and low cost
 This burner was designed for backpackers, so it is quite small.

Everything fits together nicely.  

Assembled and ready for action.

I use Peets French Roast or Garuda, ground fairly fine (they just changed machines at Peets, so I don’t know the new number; ask for “stovetop espresso.” Sometimes Illy.

Don’t ram the coffee as tight as you see you barista do, and don’t fill to the top. Otherwise, when the grains expand the flow is congested. Boil until it steams freely, then let it sit for the fines to settle; don’t pour the last bit Fill the water to the center of the pressure relief, and use good tasting water.
— Ted Crum