• Tech Day hosted by Kevin Lindsey (map)
  • 110 Glenn Way #12
  • San Carlos, CA 94070
  • USA

NorCal Tech Ed Session

Valve Adjustment R1200R, RT, GS

F Bike chain and sprocket removal.


Please join us for the BMW NorCal Tech Ed session on Saturday November  15th from 9AM-12 PM at:

Kevin Lindsey’s Garage                                                                                                           

BMW R Bike Valve adjustment class.

BMW F Bike chain and sprocket removal and installation


Members $10

Non Members $20

Bring your BMW R1200 R, RT, or GS motorcycle to this tech session at Kevin’s Garage.

During this tech session, Our Guest mechanic will demonstrate the procedure for performing a periodic valve adjustment on BMW R bikes (oil heads.  The demonstration will be followed by a “Hands On” session in which attending members can adjust the valves on their own bikes under the guest mechanic’s guidance.  You should know the specs on your bike.

Members Buddy Scauzzo and Russ Drake will demonstrate chain and sprocket removal on F and G bikes. You can bring your own chain and sprocket and change them out with our support. Limited to 25 attendees so signup early RSVP 

RSVP to Buddy at muddyspokes@gmail.com or prepay through the club's store.