• Jelly Stone (map)
  • 14117 Bottle Rock Rd
  • Cobb, CA, 95426
  • United States

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Route Sheet

The November meeting is always delayed until December (6th) because of Thanksgiving, and will be held at “Jellystone Park” on Cobb Mountain (14117 Bottle Rock Rd, Cobb, CA (707) 928-4322), which we last visited 5 years ago. During the “dark days” after daylight savings we hold the meeting at 4: 00 PM, and the ride will be short enough to get us there in plenty of time. The ride starts at Huckleberry’s in Benicia (800 Southampton Rd, Benicia, CA (707) 745-3739); breakfast at 8:00,  leaving at 9:00.

This is a non-catered event, but there are 3 restaurants within 10 minutes (marked on the map and GPS file), one of which can deliver pizza in 45 minutes if we decide to do that. We will have a gazebo for the meeting, and we can rent the rec room if we need it. Check the web page and Meetup.com for the route instructions and GPS files. This time of year you should also check before leaving for weather-related changes.