After many years in limbo that effectively shut the much-loved Songdog Ranch down, Jim Revely has agreed to work with NorCAL to host the September meeting.

For those not familiar with Songdog, for many years Jim’s family hosted a variety of events at their campground on top of a wonderful mesa just off Highway 33 down by New Cuyuma. Camping, campfires (sometimes with string quartets or blue grass bands), views over the valley, and generous home cooked food filled the evenings.
Ask Don Allison about his first NorCAL club meeting there where he won the chance to ride co-pilot in a Pitt stunt plane belonging to the pilot living further up the canyon.

Tour Captain Ted Crum has created a route with both asphalt and GS options.
Breakfast location: Flames Coffee Shop 7170 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose Ca
A payment option is available through the club store to prepay for the event.  I’ll need an RSVP or payment by September 24th to account for the number of meals.

RSVP Options: