It is your responsibility to act and ride prudently; be alert, be safe. 

Guidelines for Group Riding 

Be aware of other riders; ride consistently, ride considerately

Ride with a 2 / 1 second gap between motorcycles; try to keep the group together 

Ride staggered formation when safe to do so (lead bike left), avoid “wandering”, increase gap and ride single file in tight turns 

Check your mirror for the rider behind you and pause at turns, pass hand signals back 

Stay in your lane on blind curves, watch for oncoming traffic 

Close up in towns, 2 thru stop signs/signals, don’t block intersections or roads

Allow faster riders to pass. Don’t crowd a slower rider, don’t overlap wheels 

Ride Leader will change freeway lanes approximately 1 mile in advance of exit when possible 

Visual head-check when changing lanes. Allow other vehicles to pass thru the group

Sweep will stop with a breakdown, other riders follow the ride leader to the next stop 

Relax, don’t panic, have fun, be considerate; and remember - you can say anything as long as it stays inside your helmet.